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Splash Valley respects the privacy of its customers. Information is collected for the sole use of the Resort in order to conduct its day-to-day business.
Splash Valley does not share this information with third party organizations or individuals. Our posting of email addresses on our website does not signify consent to receiving unsolicited commercial electronic messages. Do not send us unsolicited commercial electronic messages unless you have been provided with our express consent to do so.

Visitors to our Website
We collect general information provided by computers such as location, device and operating system. We also collect information on which pages you visit, length of time on pages, and what links you click on. This information is used to improve our website, for marketing purposes and general business operations.

Credit Card Processing on Site
We do not store any information on this website when you are making a purchase using your credit card.

If you have any question or concerns about our Privacy Policy or you do not wish us to use your personal information in any of the manners outlined above, you may contact us in writing at the following address:

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Attention: Privacy Officer

P. 613-646-9765
TF. 1-877-816-6605

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Accessibility Standards for Customer Service

Support Persons:

  • Any person with a disability who is accompanied by a support person will be allowed to enter Splash Valley’s premises with his or her support person and at no time will they be prevented from having access to his or her support person.
  • Accommodations & Camping: Person with a disability and support person will each count as one person towards total number of people allowed in room or on a site.
  • Splash Valley Waterpark: Individuals with a disability will pay full rate for whichever pass they choose. The individual has a choice between general admission, discounted overnight pass (if in fact an overnight guest), or the regular splash pass. Their support person will receive the general admission at no charge (this allows support person to walk about and observe). The support person can also choose to purchase a regular splash pass at a discounted rate.

Guide Dog/Service Dog/Service Animal:

  • The guest that is accompanied by a Guide Dog or Service Animal is responsible for maintaining care and control of animal at all times. If the animal is posing a threat or safety risk to other patrons the customer and animal will be asked to leave.
  • In accordance with the Blind Persons’ Rights Act a blind person accompanied by a Guide Dog must be accepted anywhere the public is accepted. This provision includes restaurants, accommodations, services, or facilities available in any place which the public is customarily accepted.
  • If it is not readily apparent to an employee that an animal is a service animal/guide dog, the employee may ask for proof. A Guide Dog must have an identification card issued by the Attorney General. For other service dogs and animals, the customer must show a letter from a doctor or nurse stating that the animal is needed for a disability/medical issue. The customer does not need to disclose information about the disability or medical issue.
  • Although service animals are allowed on the premises where the public is admitted, NO ANIMAL is permitted in any pool, waterslide, or in any part of the lake.
  • All types of proven service animals are allowed on the premises where the public is permitted – this includes fenced in area of waterpark (excludes slides/pool/lake), accommodations, and buildings (where no food is prepared or served).
  • Food Service: Service Dogs and Guide Dogs are allowed in areas of the Grill House where public is generally admitted. Other Service animals are NOT allowed in any areas where food is prepared or sold. This is in accordance with the Health Promotion and Protection Act.
  • Pets are NOT allowed (service animals are not considered pets) in Restaurant, Grill House, Splash Valley Waterpark, beach, accommodations (this includes 1 and 2 bedroom suites, deluxe cabins and rental trailers), or any other building.
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